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Hi my name is Bianca and I have an amazing 6yo girl named Ava and my loveable little man Leo just turned 2. I work a in a highly stressful position yet lucky to work only 5min from home, and now working 3 days for work life balance and enjoy my children, as I adore them. In addition, I have been faced with health issues and there are things I must address and do, however in recent times I have found myself very limited to attending appointments or important tasks when I have my, very clingy but truly adorable little man, always by my side. My family live in QLD, so I have little help. Childcare costs are effecting our family and then we have Avas school fees, medical appointment and medication etc, so I’m researching to find someone that feels they can help and join our team ? So I’m weighting up options depending on your situation also. Casual assistant via babysitting on either Thursday or Friday so that I can possibly allocate one day week for appts etc. The hours could be half day 8-12noon etc and happy to negotiate. OR 4 days week. MON TUES & WED is a must as this is while I’m at work, then the 4th day can be as above or happy to switch it some weeks where you help one night instead of day, allowing some time for me/us. Again, most is negotiable depending on your commitments also. I would just love to talk it out and see if this (OUR FAMILY) is right for you. And I apologise now, as both kids you will just fall in love with, so I’m sorry I’m advance ? Look forward to hearing from you! Bianca

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