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Conan is wasting his time playing computer games when I am too busy, but he enjoys doing other things when he has a company. I need someone to engage him in other activities, when I have other things to do. Mostly needed on Saturdays, about 3 hours, usually afternoon, possibly Sunday late morning - noon, and other non-school days. Conan is 9, soon to be 10. He is with me on weekends and some school holiday days. Play with him, talk to him, teach him general things, anything useful, watch him (learning) playing piano (keyboard), music knowledge is not a requirement, but great if you have it. If we establish trust over time, take him out for a bicycle/scooter/hoverboard riding, or to Westfield for lunch or shopping. If you have any knowledge/skills that you can teach him, like singing, dancing, acting, sport, another language, etc. that will be good. Doing useful things while having fun is the objective. Achievements are secondary. Certifications, experience and references are not important, but your enthusiasm, creativity, reliability and trustworthiness will be valued. This is very casual work. It may be only once a month, about 3 hours on weekend. It could me more or less often, as needed. But I also have casual need for cleaning, and this work could be other days, not just weekend. Pay rate is $15/h for babysitting, $20/h for cleaning, negotiable. Since this work is very casual, I prefer one person for both.

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Babysitting job in Brisbane, Brisbane, Queensland

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