Hello, I'm Rebecca!

**UPDATE**. I will answer all messages as soon as I can,blown away by the response! I may take longer than others, hence why I need the help!!

Hours: atm this is not a regular thing with regular set hours. When the right person/s are with us we will happily extend times/days to suit us and you. Very are extremely flexible!! We just need to start :)

Hi, I’m currently looking for a reliable, fun and energetic person to help with a VERY active 3yo (just turned 3 in Jan).
He loves the outdoors, loves learning and has so much energy! I am looking for someone to watch him while I have a regular weekly physio appointment and would like to extend this to more hours if we find the right person. To start we would prefer home based play/care until we are all comfortable with each other.

If you’d be up to play a game of basketball, soccer, bike ride, play in the mud :) or just read books, play hot wheels we might be the fit for you too! My preference is for a male career due to my son needing more male interaction (in my opinion), however I’m open to anyone if they are the right person for us and we are for them.

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