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Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am looking for someone to watch my eight-year-old daughter Charlotte on Wednesday mornings before school. You would also need to transport her to school which is only a three minute drive or 20 minute walk from our home. The hours are 6:30 AM till 8:30 AM on Wednesdays. I’m also looking for that person to be available on agreement to do night shift sleepovers where are you are able to sleep and just be here for my eight-year-old and her brother who is almost to. They may be the opportunity in the future for doing extra hours as I pick up more shifts at work if you would like them or if I do decide to have a night out every now and then. The most important shift to cover at the moment is the Wednesday getting her to school but the person Hass to be 110% reliable so please do not apply if you can’t be here every Wednesday I am a single mom and if you don’t come to work then I can’t go to work and it leaves 40 elderly patients at risk because I won’t be there to give them their medications on time as a nurse it’s important that I turn up to work. I am very easy-going I’m very easy to work for and the children are great. Hi school or you need students feel free to apply because the school is within walking distance you don’t need to have a car or a license to apply and I am also near a lot of public transport and can help where I can with picking you up if need be

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