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Hi my name is Pia. We have two happy and dynamic boys aged 1 & 3. We are looking for a native french or spanish speaking babysitter/nanny to look after them for 2 mornings during the week. The toddler is really interested in languages so hoping to introduce another language and culture so that we can broaden his perspectives and experiences of the world. Just interested in child-directed conversation while they play, nothing serious. He has already been learning a few words in french & spanish and asks us lots of questions about translating the words he already knows into French or Spanish. We're looking for someone that is caring, fun, creative, can help hold healthy boundaries for a toddler and who ideally can help introduce a new language into our home (as we hope to all learn along the way). We love cooking, the outdoors, music, gardening and adventures camping or splashing in the waves at our local beaches. We own a big friendly dog which the boys adore, but there is no requirement to care for her. x

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