Baby shower tips, games and ideas

Baby shower tips, games and ideas

By Babysits, 7 min read

Are you, or someone you love, expecting a little bundle of joy soon? There’s really nothing more exciting (or nerve-wracking) than the wait for a newborn baby! Take a look at our tips for throwing a great baby shower for the mum-to-be and her guests.

Baby Shower Tips

What is a baby shower?

First of all, you might be wondering what exactly a baby shower is! Simply put, a baby shower is a way of celebrating the expected birth of a child. Baby showers often involve gift-giving and are a way to share in the excitement of the expecting mother. During a baby shower, mothers-to-be are often "showered" in gifts!

Baby Shower Snacks

Who should host the baby shower?

Often, baby showers are organised by a close friend or relative of the mum-to-be. You can, of course, plan your own baby shower. However this is less common as baby showers often involve gift-giving and organising your own might be perceived as asking for gifts. However, you could opt to organise the baby shower yourself and explain to your guests that you wish for their wonderful company only.

If you'd love to have a baby shower but are worried that a family member or friend mightn't take the initiative to plan your shower, it never hurts to send them a few (strong) hints!

When should the baby shower be held?

Baby showers can be held at any moment before the baby is born but after it has been conceived. Most expecting mums like to wait until later in their pregnancy to celebrate their baby shower. Plus, it's always nice to have a big belly to make it more real!

Where should I have my baby shower?

A baby shower can be held in the home of the expecting mother but it might be difficult for her to tidy up before and after (particularly if she's heavily pregnant). Therefore an alternative is to hold the event in the host's home, the local community club, cafe, restaurant or hotel.

What kind of invitations should I send for my baby shower?

Baby shower invitations are similar to any other type of party invite! Include the date, location, and information regarding the gift registry (if there is one). If you want to keep the shower a suprise from the expecting mum, be sure to include a note at the bottom of the invite explaining to keep it hush-hush!

baby shower invites

How much does a baby shower cost?

The cost of a baby shower is entirely dependent on how much you want to spend, and how extravagent (or casual) you'd like the event to be! A baby shower could cost anywhere between $100 to $1,000 depending on your budget and expectations.

What should I buy for a baby shower?

If you're purchasing a gift for a baby shower, there's a good chance the mother-to-be has a gift registry with a retailer. It's best to first get in-touch with the host to ask about the gift registry. If you don't yet have a gift registry, be sure to check out However if the mum-to-be doesn't have one set up, then it's best to buy something practical that the mother might need. If you have a smaller budget, think of purchasing items such as:

  • Towels and washcloths
  • Blankets
  • Beanies, socks, onesies, or other clothing items
  • Nappies, wipes, shampoo, baby wash, dummies, bibs
  • A homemade meal (always appreciated!)
  • Homemade baby gear (time to showcase those knitting skills!)

If you have a larger budget, you might consider purchasing items such as:

  • Booster seat for the car
  • Babysits Premium membership so mum can get help from a babysitter or nanny when she needs it
  • Pram or stroller
  • Children's books
  • Play mat
  • Baby carrier
  • Plush teddies
  • Baby bath

baby shower gifts

What do I write in a baby shower card?

A baby shower card is your chance to wish the mum-to-be all the best and express how happy you are for her! Examples of things you might write in the card include:

  • I'm so happy for you!
  • You are going to be a terrific mum
  • I cannot wait to meet the little one
  • Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  • Wishing you a safe and easy birth

What do I wear to a baby shower?

If you are the expecting mum, it's best to wear something that you feel comfortable in. Loose fitting items, which still have some flair and make you feel confident, will work best! A loose fitting dress that is not only comfortable, but which also shows off the belly could be a great option.

For guests, the dresscode will depend on the location of the event and time of day. A day-time event at the expecting mother's house might require a more relaxed dress code while an evening event at a hotel could require something a little fancier.

When should I send baby shower thank-you notes?

It's best to not wait too long before sending out your thank you notes. Sending thank you notes within a week of the baby shower is a good timeframe to stick to!

baby shower guests

Baby Shower Games

What games should you play at the baby shower? Baby shower games can offer a great opportunity to break the ice with guests who do not know each other, or simply just to have a ball with close friends and family. Read our baby shower game ideas for inspiration!

Chocolate Nappies

You'll need:

  • Nappies
  • Assortment of chocolate bars

This is perhaps the most classic of all baby shower games! The idea is take a number of nappies (equal to the number of guests) and mash a chocolate bar into each of the nappies. The guests will have to decipher which chocolate bar the nappy contains! They can use their sense of smell, touch and even taste (if they dare!) to help them.

Guess the Baby Photo

You'll need:

  • A baby photo of each of your guests, numbered
  • A corkboard & pins
  • Pens or pencils

This game is an absolute hoot and will pique your guests' interest. To play, ask each of your guests to send a copy of a photo of themselves as babies. The photos should all be displayed on the corkboard. The guests will have to each guess who's baby photo belongs to who. Each guest writes their guesses and the guest with the most correct answers wins!

Don't Say "Baby"!

You'll need:

  • Clothespins for each of your guests

This game is a fun and interesting way to encourage your guests to interact with one another (which can be particularly helpful if many of your guests have never met). To play, simply give each of your guests 10 clothespins each. Instruct them to not say the word "baby" throughout the duration of the baby shower. Every time someone is spotted saying "baby", they lose a clothespin! The guest with the most pins left at the end, wins!

Ice Ice Baby!

You'll need:

  • Tiny plastic babies (you can find these online or at party stores)
  • Ice cube tray

This is another classic that is sure to be plenty of fun. The night before the baby shower, fill an ice tray with water and add a plastic baby to each compartment. Then, add a baby ice cube to each of the guests drinks. The guest needs to pay attention and shout "my water broke!" once the ice has fully melted and the baby is free. The first guest to call it wins.

Baby Food Taste-Testing

You'll need:

  • Jars of baby food (try and pick unique or interesting flavours!)

It's no secret that baby food certainly doesn't look appetising. So why not have a laugh making your friends and family taste-test them? Purchase a handful of flavours and remove the labels (but don't forget to number the lids and write down each flavour). Then, ask your guests to each grab a spoon and get testing! They'll need to guess the correct flavour. The guest with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

baby food taste testing

We hope these tips gave you some inspiration for planning a fantastic baby shower. Send our love to the mum-to-be!