Create your very own quoll: cardboard figure and card!

Create your very own quoll: cardboard figure and card!

By Babysits, 4 min read

Quolls are magnificent animals that unfortunately have been struggling as of late. Let’s bring some awareness to quolls and learn more about the species while having fun along the way! Check out our curious quoll activities here to make your own quoll figure out of recycled cardboard or a printable quoll template (both of which you can turn into a cute card for Father’s day or another occasion!)

First things first, you’ll need to get familiar with the quoll:

A quoll is a small marsupial native to Australia. They are about the size of a cat, but can vary in size from 25-75cm. In fact, although they aren’t extremely large, they are still the largest existing carnivorous marsupial in mainland Australia!

There are several different species of quoll, most of which vary slightly in size and appearance.

Quolls are also nocturnal, meaning they are most active during the night. Generally this is when they go hunting! They’re known for their spots, which also help them stay hidden when they are active at night. The spots help them blend in with the moonlight!

Now that you know a bit more about the quoll, it’s time to make your own:

You can create your own recycled cardboard quoll with only a few simple materials!

All you need is:

  • Recycled cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Colouring utensils

Don’t have any cardboard lying around? You can also print our template below on paper and cut this out.

In any case, the template is a good place to start in order to figure out what sort of shape you should make your quoll. You can also print the template to use as a stencil to draw your quoll on the cardboard.

Step 1. The first step to creating your own quoll is to trace the outline of a quoll shape!

quoll template

Step 2. With this done, you can go ahead and cut out your quoll shape. Step 3. Now it’s the fun part, decorating your quoll! (Don’t forget the quoll’s beautiful spots!) Step 4. Once you’ve coloured your quoll, there are a couple options to finish your masterpiece!

cardboard quoll

One option is to give your quoll a stand so that it can stand up with a cool 3D effect. To do so, you can take another piece of cardboard and cut a slit in the middle. Then slide the quoll body onto this piece of cardboard so that it is perpendicular and stands up. (You can create a similar effect with paper by taping folded pieces of paper to the quoll’s legs in a perpendicular, L-shape.)

Cardboard quoll

As a second option, you can transform your quoll figure into a cute card! You can glue or tape your quoll to a piece of paper to customize your own quoll greeting card (or try incorporating it into one of our other diy card ideas, like this for Father’s day or these popup cards).

Or, you can print out our quoll card template below and attach your quoll to the branch on the front!

Quoll card templates

Quoll card template

We hope you enjoyed this craft! Did you make your own quoll? We’d love to see it so please share with us on social media @Babysits

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P.S. Like we mentioned, unfortunately quolls have been struggling lately! They are threatened by invasive species, like the cane toad (which are poisonous to them), and domestic cats and foxes, with whom they compete for food. Next to this, they are also being threatened by habitat loss due to urbanisation. While quolls used to be found widely across Australia, New Guinea, and Tasmania, they are now found in very limited areas only (the eastern quoll in fact being extinct on mainland Australia and only found on Tasmania).

Want to know how you can help? Check out conservation activities such as the Quoll Seekers Network from Wildlife Queensland to see how you can help support quolls near you and around the country!