Stories from the Babysits community

I was able to find the perfect babysitting job, really quickly via babysits! I got in touch with a family just down the street from me and was able to work flexible hours the whole summer for them. It was a really nice experience and I was able to save money to pay for my study!

Stephanie, Hobart

Babysits is the best way to find babysitting jobs! Once you make an account on the website, it's so straightforward to find babysitting jobs for when you are available. Through Babysits, I've found many great jobs for different families in my area that I would've never found by myself!

Courtney, Brisbane

I was travelling quite a bit for work conferences and needed to find a babysitter on short notice for my daughter. Luckily, I was able to find a babysitter within 15 minutes of my conferences, so I could finish my work and quickly get back to my daughter afterwards. Completely satisfied with my experience.

David, Darwin

I've found that on Babysits, there is something for everyone, be it a regular job for a young family or a one-off job for parents that want to have a night out. This is great for me as a uni student because my schedule doesn't allow me to hold a stable position. Babysits gives me the flexibility that I seek and also the control to choose amongst families, so that I am always looking forward to the coming job!

Audrey, Sydney