Stories from the Babysits community

I was looking for a job alongside my studies and a friend suggested Babysits to me. I was easily able to contact a ton of parents nearby my university to enquire about potential babysitting jobs. In the end, I found the perfect babysitting job, with enough flexibility to fit into my busy study schedule.

Taylor, Hobart

I used Babysits for the first time when I was desperate to find a sitter, after my usual babysitter had canceled on me last minute. After posting a babysitting job, I was able to find a babysitter within an hour! I am still using Babysits to this day and have never failed to find a good sitter through the website.

Simone, Adelaide

I was able to find the perfect babysitting job, really quickly via babysits! I got in touch with a family just down the street from me and was able to work flexible hours the whole summer for them. It was a really nice experience and I was able to save money to pay for my study!

Stephanie, Hobart

I've found that on Babysits, there is something for everyone, be it a regular job for a young family or a one-off job for parents that want to have a night out. This is great for me as a uni student because my schedule doesn't allow me to hold a stable position. Babysits gives me the flexibility that I seek and also the control to choose amongst families, so that I am always looking forward to the coming job!

Audrey, Sydney