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Hi, I am Sanam, a Persian, kind, friendly, energetic, creative and responsible girl with a talent and passion for making a very good communication with children. I have recently submitted my thesis in UQ. The focus of my study is on teaching children how to peacefully reflect on their problems, their fears, their anger and their complicated experiences and how to turn those uncomfortable..

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Gender Female
Has children No
Preferred babysitting location At the family


  • Children's peace educator and life coach
  • Blue Card
  • Creative games
  • Philosophy tutor
  • Storytelling
  • Arts and crafts
  • Baking
  • Sports


  • PhD on Peace Education and philosophy for children/UQ

Languages ​​in which I can babysit

  • English
  • Persian


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4 References

  • July 2018 Sameema is a Friend

    Sanam is amazing with kids. She is friendly with them but at the same time very responsible. I can trust her fully with my son and he loves to be with her. She is also very kind towards the other members of family and it is always a pleasure to be with her.

  • July 2018 Jalil is a Family member

    Sanam is my sister. She is very creative, caring and critical thinker and professionally works in the area of philosophy for children guiding children to be critical thinkers and creative.
    Due to her interest in children and her major, I suppose she is a perfect babysitter. I see how my brother’s daughter and son (nine- and three-year-old children) change during the time that Sanam stays with them. Sanam always inspires my niece and nephew with simple and creative games that she played with them. Sanam has connected them to the nature, for instance trees, flowers, animals …
    I have noticed that children are attracted Sanam and enjoy staying with her. I have no child but if I had one I would certainly make a close connection between Sanam and my child.

  • July 2018 Sima is a Friend

    I would like to recommend Sanam for the position of babysitter of children. Sanam has been my babysitter for 2 years after I got back to work.
    She is not only excellent with children, she is also a responsible babysitter who remains calm in a crisis situation. Sanam follows instructions to the letter and is very smart and creative when it comes to entertain kids.
    One of the aspects of Sanam’s personality that I appreciated the most was her ability to always keep the kid calm. Whether there was a strange noise outside the house or the kid just did not want to go to bed, Sanam was always able to maintain order. If you have the opportunity to hire Sanam as your babysitter, I would recommend strongly that you do so.

  • July 2018 Amir is a Friend

    Sanam is a very intelligent, educated and kind person; I found this when she was take caring of my brothers children, a sweetie 9 year's old girl and a funny sweet 5 year's boy; Sanam, in addition to be so responsible about their healthiness, understands how to communicate and educate their mind; I think this is maybe because of her PhD degree in philosophy. I was curious and once we had a dialogue about her researches and I found it very interesting still hard for me to philosophy and especially philosophy for children are topics out of my comfort. However, I strongly recommend Sanam not only as a babysitter but also as a friend.


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