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Heidi from Kingston Beach
September 2021

Professional and well organised. Welcoming, had clear rules for the children to follow. Honestly a truely lovely family to work for.

Emily from Kingston Beach
September 2021

Emily was lovely with the kids. We will definitely be booking with her again. She was punctual. Kids really enjoyed the session.

Alice from Darwin
September 2021

Alice had written instructions on the children's bed time routine which she thoroughly explained before she left for her outing. It was a...

Shirley Ann from Darwin
September 2021

Shirley Ann was very good with our children, punctual and communicated very clearly. I highly recommend her.

Farhana from Hobart
September 2021

Saiba is an absolute little darling. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her, this little girl could put a smile on anyones face. Thanks f...

Tanya from Hobart
September 2021

Thanks so much. We really appreciate the way you have looked after Saiba 10 months old. She has always been very happy to see you every t...

Maria from Hobart
September 2021

Thanks so much. We are overwhelmed to see the joy and happiness in Saiba when she is with you. Maria is an absolutely great lady. Me and...

Josie from Wandsworth
September 2021

Thanks Josie for your hard work .

Vicki from Armidale
September 2021

Vicki is so lovely! And the children are just delightful😊

Farhana from Hobart
September 2021

Hi it’s Ri! For me Saiba is an exuberant 9.5-month-old baby who is highly alert interactive and fun to play with all day long! Saiba is...

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