Trust & safety

Trust is what makes it work

Verified Identification*

Both babysitters and parents can verify their ID by confirming their email address, phone number and connecting other online profiles to their account. Check the user's profile to see what contact information has been verified.

Profile & Reviews

Get to know babysitters and parents through their profiles, references and reviews. Always ask for references, and check these yourself.


Use our messaging system for the communication with other users. If you have interactions which occur outside our platform, we won’t be able to help you with any issues which arise.
Never send a copy of your official ID to people you don't know.

Our Service

Babysits aims to bring together the supply and demand for occasional private childcare in one place. We are not a childcare agency and therefore, Babysits cannot accept responsibility for the selected users and the quality of their work and/or reliability. Users should contact and select other users matching their search criteria themselves.

Safety Tips

Note: To ensure that your experience with Babysits is a positive one, we urge you to use the Babysits messaging service when contacting new and unknown users. We also ask you to not include any contact information in your profile description for your own safety. We have created an intake form for users to use at the first meeting between parents and babysitters, and before the first day of the job, to clearly lay out important information and requirements.

We have also incorporated many safeguards in the Babysits platform, that we improve continuously, to help keep your information secure. If you choose to communicate externally to the Babysits platform, it makes it harder for us to protect your data as our safeguards will no longer apply. External communication is at your own risk, so make sure that you don't expose yourself unnecessarily and watch out for scams and fraud!

*Babysitters, childminders, parents and agencies have told us that they find the ID verification feature handy when deciding on who to communicate with on Babysits, but it is no promotion or guarantee of the identity of a person.

Prevent (identity) fraud

Identity fraud occurs when someone makes illegal use of your personal data. Babysits never asks for your personal data. Should an unknown user request your personal data, please report this to us immediately as it could be an attempt at fraud.

How can you prevent fraud as a user?

  • Don’t give information about yourself to other users that you don't know well or trust.
  • Be careful with personal information such as passport details, email addresses, phone numbers, resumés, etc.
  • If you are approached by an organization, you should first find out more about the organization. If you are unable to find information about the organization, then you should be wary of potential fraud.

Do you think that you’ve become a victim of fraud?

  • If you think that you are a victim of fraud, report it to us immediately so that we can block the account of the person in question to prevent continued fraudulent activity.
  • File a report with the police. We advise you to always file a report with the police when you suspect that you are a victim of (identity) fraud.

Still have questions?

Read our tips for parents and babysitters, and our frequently asked questions page: