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Hey, families! My name is Sthefani :) I have been a babysitting children and nanny since I was 14 yearls old. I've always loved taking care of my little cousins and helping them with their school activities. In addition, I have already worked as a babysitter and nanny with children of different ages. I love taking care of the kids and spending my time with them. I am a dynamic, responsible,..

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  • May 2019 Raquel is a Friend

    Sthefani is a top level professional, with high qualifications, skill and competence. Her ability to solve all situations and your cares with health, school and a good behavior to the my son make Sthefani a multi-recommended professional. Responsibility, commitment and education complete your profile.

  • April 2019 RENATO is a Friend

    Sthefani is a very docile, kind and responsible person with the care of the children.

    Every time she was challenged with this kind of work she did very well. She have a lot of attention to detail and can actually be responsible for a child.

    She is also a person who can easily understand the needs and make the right decisions in the face of a crisis situation.

  • April 2019 Julia is a Friend

    My name is Julia, I'm 20 years old and I'm from São Paulo, Brazil. I've met Sthefani seven years ago, when she and my brother have started a relationship. The first time I met her, Sthefani was just a teenager and now after all those years she is a strong and mature woman. She is also kind, good, smart, open mind, good friend, empathetic, responsible, assertive and since her youth she has struggled to achieve her goals and dreams.

    Sthefani is very communicative with everybody, mainly, with children. It's noticeable that she really enjoys and has a fun time when she meets her godson and young cousins. Three years ago, she was invited to be the godmother of one of my cousin's twin boys. She helped a lot my cousin, Maria Luiza, during the pregnancy and when the twins were born she often visited and took care of the them to build a lovely relationship with the babies.

  • April 2019 Augusto is a Friend

    Sthefani is an extremely responsible, friendly, trustworthy and altruistic person.
    In every activity she performs, she acts with attention, care and affection, with total responsibility and honesty.
    With children, she has experience and throughout her career as a nanny she has always looked after boys and girls with great zeal to meet the needs that each family needed.


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