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Hello, My name is Anna, I am in my mid 20's and have experience babysitting my nieces and nephews and friends' children. I am also a Girl Guide leader for girls aged 5-10 years old. I am thinking of becoming a teacher so would like more experience with children. I am fun, enthusiastic and caring. I have a working with vulnerable people card and first aid. I generally have good availability on..

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  • English

3 Reviews

  • July 2019

    My little boy took to Anna straight away and loved playing with her. She has a very friendly, gentle and positive manner. He can be clingy but didn’t even say goodbye to he when Anna was here. We’d definitely book her again.

  • June 2019

    She was great with my young 3 girls!
    They loved having her!
    Would recommend Anna she’s awesome!

  • May 2019

    Anna is a delight and wonderful with children. My 8 yr old was inspired to play, cook and create with Anna. She had the best time. We will definitely ask Anna back.

4 References

  • May 2019 James is a Family member

    Anna is a very caring person who is great with children. She is fun loving, responsible and trustworthy.

  • May 2019 Amy is a Friend

    I have known Anna Andrews for 2.5 years through my daughter’s junior Girl Guides group where Anna is a Guide leader.

    Anna is an adored leader at Guides, where she organises superb activities, often with a scientific or outdoor interest. She is always enthusiastic, proactive, well-organised and on time.

    Anna is one of the most inspiring people I know, with such energy and passion for life. She started up and leads a philosophy conversation group, is an accomplished runner and volunteers with a charity food van.

    Anna would be a gift to anyone seeking babysitting. She is always calm and kind, at the same time as being a clear thinker and communicator. She is a wonderful person!

  • May 2019 Wendy is a Friend

    Anna has been known to us for 6 years. She was an amazing buddy to our special needs daughter. They had a lot of fun together and did several activities. She helped my daughter to gain independent living skills, with her confidence and ability to do things like cooking and riding a bike and swim. When Anna moved away we were very sad. She was the best buddy for our daughter. We keep in touch. She was always reliable, she connects well and she is very diligent. She is very caring and fun. We would recommend her highly.

  • April 2019 Bonnie is a Family member

    Anna is a fun loving reliable carer. Not only does she look after our kids, but she gives them great memories. She enjoys craft, cooking and play. She has always been very engaged with the kids, encouraging games and outside play. Anna listens to the children and engages with them in a compassionate way.

    Anna is my sister-in-law and the auntie to my three kids (9,7,3).

    Recently Anna looked after the kids for us while we went to a matinee show. She took them to the park, played games and challenged the kids to be energetic. They all had a great time, and when we arrived they were all feeling very satisfied, with drinks in their hands, sweat on their brows and bursting with stories of the fun they'd had.

    I recommend Anna as an fun filled person who cares.


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