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My name is JJ! I’m a very easy-going, single mother of a Beautiful Pisces three-year-old boy and a gorgeous Scorpio almost 7-year-old girl. I’m in a high risk pregnancy still quiet early on, and I suffer from a mild autoimmune disease and severe bursitis and tendonitis in both my arms Shoulders and wrists from hairdressing the last 12 years! I’m needing some general help around the home, i’ll list some things below. I would love to be able to keep on top of a lot of these things myself so I have been reluctant to mention I don’t really have family or any supports in place I would love for my children to be able to build a bond with a nanny so that I can get these chores and things done as well as some help around the home but also have my children build a bond with a safe person and have a lifelong bond I hope as I don’t have any family. I am trying to be cost-effective in my endeavour but I do understand and respect your line of work and you are technically a second mother to any child that you look after. As they say it takes a village to raise a family. I’m looking for a nanny or a sitter either preferably within my home but there is always the option to take them to your home so that I can get chores done here either way I’m asking for three to four lots of three hour time blocks per week I can roughly afford one $180-$200 per week for my nanny this is a maximum for me being on a pension and expecting a new baby also not working with a work injury Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested and being welcomed into our home And being of help and guidance to my children and I thank you so much for reading P.S & I guess most importantly you would have to be okay with pets as we have a beautiful white American mastiff and a gorgeous old pure bred malamute who are both just the most beautiful dogs we also have a blind and deaf albino white Russian blue and a black outside cat. Xx

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