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We are a fun loving family of 4 living in Ballarat. Our family includes myself, my daughter Isabella and my two sons Mateo and Luka. Isabella loves to play imaginary games and dressing up and you will be immersed into her world of make believe! It is an amazing experience to be a part of her games and see where her imagine will take you every day! She also loves exploring and riding her bike and scooter, reading books and doing arts and crafts. Mateo loves pretending to be a puppy or a lion or crocodile, looking for bugs and insects in the garden and looking for the moon in the sky when he wakes up in the morning! He also loves reading "book books" playing at the park and feeding the ducks at the lake near our house. His little brother Luka does whatever his big brother does :) !

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Babysitting job in Ballarat, Ballarat North, Victoria

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