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Eva is our 10 year old she has a busy schedule and I'm traveling for work on and off over the next 6 months or so, What we really need is a house keeper that is happy to drive Eva around some days. Ideally house keeping Mondays and Wednesdays with some Tuesdays. All after school The driving consists delivering her to various activities. Piano, Kung fu and Swimming. Schedule may have to change a little it's still being worked out. So you can spend your time reading/studying mostly( I always get a swim in while she does squads). I have a car that can be used if you prefer not to use your own. The House keeping, prepare/start dinner for her and her mum putting laundry through the machines and fold(when time permits). Some vacuuming and moping the bathrooms. bound to be a couple of things that need attending to beyond this. Thanks for looking again if you have already contacted me.

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